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EVERFIT:“Promoting total WELLNESS, with enhancing daily habits to allow your potential to be realised while improving the world. Before we change the world we have to change ourselves."

EVERFIT is a personalised PHYSIOTHERAPY and COACHING service owned and operated by myself, Brad Dixon. My mission is to provide highly personalised services to clients, thus allowing you to achieve, maintain and build on holistic wellbeing and performance where-ever you may be on the spectrum. I will use my skills as a sports coach of 16yrs, along with my personal experience of being a keen athlete for 28yrs, plus my knowledge as an experienced Sports Physiotherapist (22 years) to help you achieve your wellbeing, fitness, training/racing and lifestyle goals.

I treat any injury with a holistic approach - always looking at the bigger picture to ensure all contributing factors are addressed. I supply training plans for athletes of all levels of experience, which will maximise benefit. I have a particular interest in developing training plans that are time-efficient and that allow flexibility for a good balance of work/family/social life, and I encourage clients to review their nutrition plan as part of the quest for great long-term wellbeing and performance.

et in touch for a chat about how I can help you get started to redefine your potential while embracing the holistic EVERFIT philosophy. 



EVERFIT sunrise session - Activity in nature enhances the soul