Holistic Human Book

We grow through challenge and discomfort. Having my father and uncle struggle with heart disease and cancer forced me to look at my daily habits. I started to understand the importance of how we go about our days. We are all called to change our own health if we want to change the worlds health. Small daily changes to our habits lead to personal, community, and planetary transformation. “Self help” books need to promote habits that are holistic and expansive so to benefit all, including our natural world. I discuss the holistic benefits of plant based eating, meditation, movement, fasting, cold therapy, purpose, positive relationships, and how the health of the soil, water, and air quality directly affects our wellness. Holistic Human unpacks the expansive habits of wellness & performance with practical takeaway tips interwoven with a personal story of change.


5 stars - "This is a book written by a wellness junky. It takes the best bits from the often overwhelming ocean of healthy living literature and packs it into something delicious you can run with, like a banana. Aspirational but also full of practical applications this quick and easy read has helped me adjust my often autopilot life towards improved health and happiness."

5 stars - "Holistic Human is a thought provoking, well researched call to action. Brad has done all the hard work to get you embracing positive change for your mind, body, soul, community and environment. Brad’s own personal experience and test & learn approach is interwoven with solid scientific sources to create a robust and thought provoking read. Not just a man on a mission; Brad is a well researched, deeply thinking, man on a mission."

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