EVERFIT Round Raratonga Road Race 12wk plan

Author: Brad Dixon

Type: Running

Level: Intermediate

Length: 12 Weeks

Average weekly training hours -- --
Weekly Hours

This plan builds towards the Round Rarotonga Road Race over 12 weeks. It has 3-4 x runs a week, 1 x swim, a cycle, and a session of body weight exercises. The most running you will complete is around 5 hrs in a week. This programme is designed for an athlete with a good base fitness that wants to run a time under 3hrs for the 31km using effective, specific training without excessive running miles. 

Incorporating cross training and functional body weight exercises will be more efficient, increase fun, and decrease injury risk. If you are unable to complete the swim session swap for a bike or yoga class or just complete what you can. There are also instructional videos sprinkled throughout the plan to enhance your training journey and learning. 

 You will not be over the journey before you get to your race date. ENJOY the EVERFIT training method #everfit #wellness #plantpower #fullbodystrong #cold #nature #yoga #tropicalisland

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